Our story

Liicht Yoga based in Sydney Australia, was founded by Lina in 2021 to share her passion for yoga practice after struggling with her mental health. Liicht Yoga (lick-t) means light, joy and resilience in German.  

Inspired by Lina's corporate work life, Liicht Yoga's versatile clothing collection helps corporate professionals include yoga or movement into their busy lifestyle.

Our values

  • Versatile

    We're a believer in designing products that are practical and flexible for different settings. 

  • Simplicity

    We take pride in creating designs that stand the test of time and make your life simple. 

  • Inspire

    Our mission is to inspire individuals to incorporate yoga practice or movement into their lifestyle. We do this through our product design and teaching.

  • Gratitude

    We're grateful for every small progress in our journey and for the opportunity to guide students in their yoga practice.

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Meet Lina, Founder & Yoga Teacher

After practicing yoga for over 6 years, Lina has obtained her yoga teacher certification 200RYT. Her yoga classes aim to inspire corporate professionals to manage stress, grow and develop a resilient mindset.

Learn yoga with Lina